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Located in an uneven and sloping terrain, the design of Bosque House was focused on maintaining a relationship of intimacy with its natural context while achieving a harmonious integration between the program and site.

The design strategy focused on accentuating the joints and transitions between materials to define moments and areas within the house.

The materiality of the house is mainly concrete. The lower level presents an elaborated texture emphasizing its contact with the ground. The smooth concrete
texture of the second floor softens the volume making its presence lighter.

The house finally crowns itself with wooden panel skin resembling the site´s tree canopies.

Bosque House has a “C” scheme broken into two main lateral volumes –the bedroom area and the service area-, which are partially carved into the site. The third volume –the social one-, is a glass bar on a concrete platform suspended above the ground embracing the surrounding nature. Solar energy, solar water heating, and rain water harvesting systems were integrated into the house to achieve a sustainable design.