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Bongo Bongo by Chris Wolston


Brooklyn's HJGS switches to a new gallery model with an exhibition of glass, resin, and neon work by Chris Wolston.

"I’m expressing the human form in a primitive way," Wolston says of his totemic Fetish Lights.
Sculptural works by Chris Wolston in the show Bongo Bongo at HJGS.
"In creating these objects, and working between Colombia and New York I can feel a bit connected to this seeming...
"After 3 years of having a shop, holding inventory and all that jazz, I realized I wanted to provide more then a shelf...
Chris Wolston's neon Fetish Lights are inspired by ancient cave paintings—and by conspiracy theories that they were...
Wolston's work blends high- and low-tech methods with a focus on the process of making.