Collection by Luke Hopping

Bold Kitchens


These striking kitchens prove that the most functional room in the house can also be the most memorable.

The centerpiece of this new kitchen in Bratislava is the cabinetry, which is an off-the-rack Ikea system resident Lukáš...
How a highly productive collaboration among a trio of creative Angelenas—and a good dose of Barragán—turned a dark and...
The kitchen in the brother’s unit is bright and fun with a backsplash made of painted glass.
In the kitchen, artist Riley McFerrin installed custom floating shelves.
Gregory Katz proves that three times is a charm with his trio of concrete homes, which challenge the status quo in this...
Sasha samples berries at the island while Wes, perched on the counter next to Deborah, clutches the whipped...
He created the star as a prop for a photo shoot. The kitchen cabinets benefit from a pop of rosy color, a custom hue.

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