Collection by Allie Weiss

Bold Japanese Houses


In Japan, cutting-edge architecture is ubiquitous. Over the years, Dwell has visited many idiosyncratic Japanese dwellings. We share a handful of our favorites here.

The blue porcelain tiles covering the house’s exterior are typical of commercial buildings of earlier decades.
Concrete planters frame the facade—a union of monolithic slabs that offers privacy and compositional integrity to the...
Makoto Tanijiri managed to evoke a feeling of spaciousness in the interior without the closed exterior façade causing...
The compound at dusk.
“Everyone stops to look at the building,” says Motoshi.
Throughout the house, "Walls become windows and windows become walls," explains architect Makoto Tanijiri of the...
Yurika Ninomiya says good morning to busy central Nagoya from her third-floor bedroom while husband Takuya opens up the...

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