Collection by Eujin Rhee

Bogobrush: A Green and Socially Minded Toothbrush


Look and feel good with the Bogobrush. Beautifully designed and ecologically sound, the company will send the same high-quality brush to someone in need when purchased through their website. To date, they have reached 76% of their pre-order goal of 10,000 brushes to be distributed amongst those lacking access to inadequate dental care in the USA. With nearly 80 million lacking access to inadequate dental care in the USA, we think the company's initiative is definitely worth checking out and supporting.

In search of the perfect shape, Bogobrush began by finding used and abused toothrbushes from around the world.
The finished product (in blue)! Clad in elegant bamboo, simply pluck out the soft nylon bristles when its life is over...
The company is also on its way to make their brushes become 100% biodegradable. Read about their process here.
With the purchase of a Bogobrush, the company will send one to someone in need.
Bogobrush was born from the wish to help the world be a better, more balance place.