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BMW Art Cards


In 1975, on the bold initiative from BMW, the first artcar appeared defying all rules of race car liveries. The absence of any sponsorship or branding. The abstract shapes, ambivalent to the lines and angles of the car. The color palette bright, bold, basic. Only the space for a car number seem to be preserved. It is an object transformed by art - precisely what you would expect from a master of shape, color and provocation: Alexander Calder.

This 6 card collection, made by automotive artist teej, plays on the design, keeping the form, but using color to change the mood and feeling of the racer. Printed on matte 4 layer cardstock for a handcrafted feel, the cards are meant to be shared, displayed, or just left out to let them spur your own imagination and conversations - there's even one card for you to color how you wish.