Collection by Aaron Britt

Blik's Baseball Wall Decals


A month into the season and you're probably thinking to yourself, "How on earth do I get my love of baseball further into my decor? Should I frame and hang another Steve Garvey jersey? Is there a better way?" Yes. Yes, there is. And it's these charming, hilarious, and eminently stickball baseball wall decals by Blik. Designed by Left Field Cards, these three sets of decals work marvelously as a group or individually. From Catfish Hunter to the grip for a good sinker, this is the best way to play ball in the house.

Though America's pastime is currently a festival of ill-advised goatees, there was a day when putting on pinstripes…
Teach Juinor to throw a sinker, a two-seamer, and a knuckler with these handy decals. Just keep putting the ball in his…
Here's a closeup of the Sinker decal. A set of Pitching 101 decals comes with nine individual stickers, each 6" x 7'.
Chart the game's sartorial evolution with the Throwback Uniform set. Whether you prefer the dandies of the late 19th…
Here's another look at the Throwback Uniform set. The six decals cost $40 and even come with a pack of Big League Chew.
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