Collection by Aaron Britt

Best Modern Desert Houses


Few climates offer the extreme heat and extreme cold (all in one day) of the desert. Throw in the fact that they're sparsely populated, offer few municipal services, and are often in the middle of nowhere and you've got the perfect recipe for innovative, off-the-grid architecture. In our Elements Issue, we took a look at homes designed for all climes; here are our favorite modern houses in the desert.

Groupings of succulents accent the home’s entry path and pool area.
The rustic look of surfwear entrepreneur Jim Austin’s home both stands out and also conforms with its rough-and-tumble...
The iT House is an exploration of the couple's architectural ideas, built with the help of friends over many weekends...
Entirely off the grid, the house is powered by four photovoltaic panels that supply electricity to lights, small...
The Blue Sky prototype house leads a second life as desert getaway for David McAdam and his partner Scott Smith.