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Bespoke Gas Fireplaces


Platonic started designing and manufacturing bespoke fireplaces over thirty years ago. We have worked with many of the best architects and designers in the UK, on numerous high-end residential and commercial projects, and on several continents. In many properties where there is no suitable existing chimney or new buildings where a naturally venting flue cannot be installed, the problem can usually be overcome by installing a fan-assisted flueing system. To discuss our bespoke fireplace service, please call Gabrielle on 020 8891 5904.

A minimalist shelf fire, sitting effortlessly within the limestone fireplace opening.
At just over 2.5 meters long this stunning fireplace is lined in limestone with the platonic fire pebbles completing...
Minimal hole in the wall gas fire, with a black interior of polished stone.
A room-length limestone shelf contains a Soctates burner with fire pebbles to create an open and contemporary look.
A low cupboard topped with a thick slate hearth, behind a black finished aperture features our fire pebbles.