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Bellissima. L'Italia dell'alta moda 195-1968


The set-up designed by Migliore+Servetto Architects for the exhibit “Bellissima.
L’Italia dell’alta moda 1945-1968”, at Villa Reale in Monza, is characterized by a

lightly sign and by a rich dialogue with the historic environment.

A delicate intervention intended to highlight the dual beauty: of the clothing and the

textile materials on display, and the wonderful location, by opting for the identification

of different areas through soft and singular narrative elements.

Among these, there is a dynamic system of different layers that, raising from the

ground such as graceful flying carpets and made up of light and colorful

membranes, define the various thematic areas. Above them, thin wireframes with

micro-led emphasize the creations worn by the manikins.

Inside each room the strong connection between art and fashion is highlighted by

wide wall-mirrors that, whilst acting as real supports, also recall the idea of the

mirror as a reflecting surface that multiplies the space. Each of these wall-mirrors

present a graphic texture that recalls Gio Ponti’s drawings, and accommodate a

selection of contemporary artworks that have inspired fashion designers.

The fil rouge of the exhibition is the peculiar relationship created by the single

objects on display and their setting: wall-mirrors, paintings and ‘ flying carpets’,

establish a dialogue with the rooms of the Villa, alluding to and aiming to recreate

‘past’ atmospheres.

The gallery located at the entrance provides visitors with an insight into the fashion

trends of the years 1945-1968 through the expressive photographs taken by

Federico Garolla.

The exhibition’s path starts from here and runs anticlockwise along the rooms of

Villa Reale, which are separated one another by an impressive hallway.

The hallway presents a special set-up: on a table of 40 mt. long textiles samples are

arranged in order to recreate a designer’s studio. The table leads visitors towards

the exit, and tells them about the history of Italian textile production.