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Bedrooms We'd Sleep In

The spacious master bedroom has light wooden floors and walls.
The double-height master bedroom is Dave’s favorite place in the house, particularly when the moon is shining.
The master bedroom’s custom bed has built-in storage. The lighting is by Workstead.
In the master bedroom, a small, cramped closet was replaced with a wardrobe that is partially obscured by a slatted...
“I love the master bedroom, with the geometry of the white-painted, angled roof lines and the varying shadows that this...
The master bedroom has access to a private terrace with alpine vistas.
A Libri wall shelf by Michaël Bihain for Swedese sits next to a Koster bed by Carpe Diem in the master bedroom, where...
“When you’re lying in bed at night, you can’t tell where the wall ends and the ceiling starts,” Mark says.
In the master bedroom, the gable roof and balcony foster the illusion of generous space.
“The smaller size makes life more manageable.
When friends visit, the office is flipped into a sleeping space and sealed by a curved Hufcor accordion door.
The master bedroom leads to its own private courtyard.

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