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Bedroom Design Ideas


It's tempting to place the most design attention on the public spaces in your home, but these bedrooms show the power of a great sleeping space.

The bedroom is tucked in the back of the residence and doesn’t receive a lot of natural light.
The bedroom mixes a bed and lamps from Ikea with a deep, luxurious bathtub (an inexpensive model from Neptune).
In the main bedroom, the beds are built in, the walls are concrete, the ceiling fan is by Westinghouse, and the pendant...
The master bedroom, which is painted a soothing green-gray, features a chair and nesting tables in Oregon pine designed...
The bed, also by Hynam, is on casters, allowing ten Hompel to move it to gaze at the stars.
"The ceiling in the bedroom adorned with a crystal chandelier, which (along with the other vintage accessories) gives...
The couple, both surfers and beach lovers, wake up to stunning views of the azure-blue Southern Ocean in their...
Adler’s Slate grass cloth, a material he likes because it feels natural, sheathes a guest room’s walls.
Martin Architects designed a bed in white oak for the master bedroom.
A brilliant white floor allows the smallest hints of neon color to pop in this Scandinavian bedroom.

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