Beach House on Stilts


High above the ground this cottage by the beach is secure from any rise in sea level and is now the restful retreat of a cultured couple. Above the existing bungalow a new first floor was added with their study and bedroom, and a captain’s deck aimed at the beach breakers view. The first floor additions are discrete and set back to maintain the street cottage character. The existing front veranda now extends with a wider side covered terrace, linked to the central kitchen and dining room. Behind the white picket fence on the front street, a circular stair leads to a relaxed timber veranda , ultramarine weatherboards and the original white timber windows make for a breezy, summery house. Bleached interiors reverberate with classical violin practices and hold a myriad of books encased in every wall stud and recess. The sea breeze naturally cools the easily opened rooms. At the back of the house, facing into a small tropical garden dense with palms and ferns, there is a garden room with a massive sliding shutter that can be secured and protects the fully furnished room when no one is at home. The stair takes position centre stage in the house, supported by a solid stud wall filled with bookshelves and bathed in light. The additions are weaved through the old home with playfulness and sympathy towards the old timberwork and the relaxed atmosphere of the stilted beach bungalow.

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