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The home is conceived as a single, level volume, safe for a deck and outdoor dining area located a few steps below the...
The St. Lawrence River Flows Right by This Cottage’s Doorstep
Whale-watching is an indoor activity at a maritime sanctuary in Quebec.
Kid Tested, Mothers Approved
A long house on Long Island, this prefab could get to its site peaceably only by traveling in pieces.
Honed granite was selected for the kitchen surfaces because its matte-like finish is easy to maintain and hard to...
McMinn, an architect, helps Soren construct a TinkerToy tower.
Brothers Nima and Soheil relax in the family room on an Eames lounge chair and a custom sofa they designed.
Garcetti and Wakeland enjoy a quiet afternoon, sitting in what used to be two separate bedrooms.
Surrounded on all sides by a sweeping Canadian hayfield, the 23.2 House is an angular ode to rural life.
Floor-to-ceiling windows by Sunshine Glass feature a five-and-a-half-inch profile aluminum frame.
Seen from a distance, the farmhouse has a time-honored quality, though it’s still clearly a product of the 21st century.
In the living room, a central hanging fireplace offers warmth and ambience without blocking the view to the valley...
The main entrance is on the house’s south side.
The architect chose granite for the house’s base, zinc for its roof, and Scandinavian pinewood for cladding—all...
Four distinct structures make up the house.
The connecting area between the four houses has an open joisted pine ceiling that offers a masterful transition between...
The structure is surrounded by a large deck for play.
A view of the kitchen.
The ground level contains the living and dining spaces. Upstairs there are two bedrooms, plus the master suite.
The interiors feature neutral, muted tones in order to highlight the views of the property.
Architect Allan Shulman tackled one of Miami’s biggest architectural challenges when he designed a two-story home on a...