Collection by Jacqueline Leahy

Bauhaus-Influenced Furniture from New Tendency


Collaborative Berlin studio New Tendency offers a collection of restrained, elegant, and mostly monochromatic furniture for the home.

Winners of the Interior Innovation Award 2014 (SHIFT Shelf) and nominees for the 2013 German Design Awards, Berlin-based collaborative design firm New Tendency is earning an international reputation. Established as 'My Bauhaus,' the group, which was founded by students of Bauhaus University in 2009, was obliged to rename themselves after the retail group that trademarked the illustrious name threatened legal action. These eight products shows that, even by another name, the firm and its products can still continue the legacy of chic modern design for which Walter Gropius's school gained renown.

Sigurd Larsen's Click shelf is made of boltless, lacquered copper.
Designed collaboratively, the modular, oak veneer SHIFT Shelf won New Tendency the 2014 Interior Innovation Award.
One of Sebastian Schönheit's designs for the firm, the Meta side table is a seat, a shelving unit for books and...
The powder-coated steel legs of the Masa table frame offer a stable stand for a tabletop of any material.
Sebastian Schönheit's powder-coated aluminum December Standard lamp disperses light from LEDs housed within its...
The captivating silhouette of the four intersecting powder-coated steel rods of the Hash coatrack shows that minimalism...
The Rien drinking glass by Christian Metzner for New Tendency is made of Borosilicat glass: a dextrous and delicate...
Manuel Raeder's coated birch plywood X Chair serves both as a stool and as a modular shelving unit suitable for books...

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