Collection by Andrea Smith

Bathrooms with Blue Tile


These bathrooms testify to the soothing power of blue.

Bold color is embraced in the home’s first bathroom, with tilework by Trend Mosiacs.
Uncovering the original concrete surfacing of the columns, which are unusually thick thanks to the building’s original...
The sunken bathtub in George Nakashima’s Sanso Villa mimics the shape of a swimming pool on the grounds.
The second-floor bathroom includes a washroom that can be closed off from the bathing area with a sliding glass door.
The bathrooms are tiled in bright blue mosaic to offset the home’s limited materials and color palette.
Japanese showers are usually set low down so the bather can sit on a stool and scrub, then pour cedar buckets of hot...
Benjamin Moore’s Mustard Field paint adds a vibrant touch to another bathroom in the house.
In the upper-level bathroom, tiles painstakingly fired by DeSimio cover the walls and ceiling.
In the bathroom and throughout the apartment, Ryan kept lines as pure as possible by designing built-in storage alcoves.
Andrew Dunbar describes the bathroom as an outside-in room because it has light, air, and sometimes, when it drizzles...
The blue-tiled master bathroom stands in contrast to the muted tones of the rest of the house.
Even the laundry hampers, above, are discreetly stowed out of sight.
The bathroom glows with various shades of Turkish-style glass tiles (in Iris) from Galleria Tile in San Francisco; the...