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The master bathroom has a bamboo screen and a Deauville tub by Victoria + Albert.
The bathroom was creatively composed using inexpensive Quarella Calacatta floor tiles, a Villery & Boch wall-mounted...
The owners were passionately involved in every aspect of the design, and pushed the team to make choices they normally...
For the bathroom inside a renovated Hollywood bungalow, architect Noah Walker used a simple palette of gray and white...
In this picture from @_decoh, the veiny marble is explicitly referenced by hung photograph.
In the upper-level bathroom, tiles painstakingly fired by DeSimio cover the walls and ceiling.
In the bathroom, the home’s epoxy floor transitions from whitish gray to submarine yellow.
For the bathroom, the architects designed a clever tub that can serve as a shower, too.
“The house almost doesn’t exist, but serves as the subtle cloak between inhabitant and environment.”—Cynthia,... posted this pared-down bathroom with monochromatic matte fixtures by Chanee Vijay.
In the marble-paved bathroom, the architects employed a simple trick to get the most out of the small space.
For the master bathroom, Moser installed a green marble bath top and green onyx floor tiles.