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At the opposite end of the house, the soaking tub gets almost daily use.
Though Jacobson initially wanted a completely open shower upstairs, Lee convinced him that a small lip would keep the...
The couple chose to contrast the wood in the master bath with a smooth Caesarstone counter in Organic...
Houle designed the ofuro tub in the master bath to mesh with the home’s tallowwood wall paneling.
As with the rest of the house, the bathroom is blessed with ample natural light.
The flooring in the master bath is vein-cut Ocean Silver travertine.
In the bathroom, a thin pane of glass separates the shower; an Aquaplane sink by Lacava hovers above...
The design team decided to combine two smaller bedrooms into one more comfortable master suite with a large closet and...
Bathroom Design Idea: Copper Color Scheme
Penny tile imbues a San Francisco bathroom with a sophisticated, spa-like feel.
Loo & Improved
When Pamela Butz and Jeffrey Klug, principals of Butz + Klug Architecture, began renovating the master bathroom of a nearly...
Japanese Soaking Tubs
For centuries, Japanese enjoyed the country’s thousands of outdoor hot springs, so it’s no surprise deep soaking became popular...

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