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Overlooking Portage Bay in Seattle, this house was designed by Heliotrope Architects for a bachelor who longed for a...
The warm, sunny aspect of the room is emphasized by the use of buttery yellow Zellige tiles and coordinating curtain...
Replacing the dated bathrooms was a priority of the renovation.
Modern Finnish Design Sauna Kyly by Avanto...
Sævik designed the wood tub in the bathroom, which features an adjacent sauna. The Inxx A5 faucet is by Mora.
The sauna door handle is a simple piece of driftwood.
The home also features an elegant sauna—this is Finland after all.
In the master bathroom, all boundaries between inside and outside and public and private are virtually eliminated.
Japanese showers are usually set low down so the bather can sit on a stool and scrub, then pour cedar buckets of hot...
The custom cedar tub, fabricated by Dovetail, elegantly fits into the master bathroom.
The master bathroom, outfitted with Bisazza tiling, has a view of the backyard from the tub.
The bathroom includes a walk-in tub.
The Japanese-style bathroom, which is clad in teak, features a matching tub and sink by Bath in Wood.
Houle designed the ofuro tub in the master bath to mesh with the home’s tallowwood wall paneling.
“The old living room and balcony on the sixth floor were transformed into the master bedroom with an en-suite open...