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Bartolache 1944


This 4 apartment’s project was done in the south of the Colonia del Valle, a traditional area in Mexico City, in a 350 sq m lot where a single family home was for many years. One of the main goals of the project was to respect the height of the urban belt and maintain complete harmony with the surroundings.
The project was developed in 3 levels and the main façade was put back 4 meters to have 20% of free space. Two volumes stand out in the limit of the lot, one on the main level protecting the courtyard of one of the apartments and the other in the third level that partially contains the kitchens of the upper apartments.

These changes and levels allowed us to soften the presence of the building and minimize the height difference with the other buildings on the street, resulting in a project that doesn’t stand out for its size but for the quality of its design.

To make sure the project has a long useful life maturing as time goes by apparent concrete was used for the façade.

The distribution of the apartments is as follows: two of 220 sq m on the ground floor distributed in two levels and sharing 5 courtyards and two apartments of 110 sq m on the third floor with roof garden. With this distribution we were able to have 4 departments with outdoors areas that are a luxury in this part of the city.