Baronne Renovation


1000 SF Renovation

The Baronne Renovation began with a crowded living space in a grand old New Orleans home. A multitude of mismatched renovations had left a series of narrow spaces, cramping the family, limiting the socialization, and everyone tripping over each other. The new space takes the office, the bar, the homework station, the storage of life, the entertainment, the eating, the cooking, and the hanging out and melds them all around a ten foot slab of marble. The experience for the clients will now be for large gatherings “in the kitchen,” “homework on the counter,” glitter crafts behind movie house doors, dogs snoozing in cabinets, and roast meats while children shoot hoops. One can be in the space and be able to do and see all. The new openings create connections between the inside and the outside, the front street and the back yard, the formal and the casual, the prep and the serve. With all the barriers that have been removed and all the storage that has been added, the Baronne renovation aims to facilitate the busy life of a family and clear out the clutter.

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