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Backyard Fun


inspiration for the backyard if money and time were not an issue. :)

Board-formed concrete retaining walls double as ramps from the deck to the garden’s highest point.
Micropolis is a public park in Helsinki.
"It's used 100 percent of the time, by the entire city," Dyrdek says of the Kettering Skate Plaza.
2003: Oscar Niemeyer Niemeyer’s steel, aluminum and concrete contribution, a low-slung white roof introduced with a...
Those costs were partially recouped by using knotted pine planks for the exterior.
Chicago Skate and Wheel Park While the Chicago Park District Board just approved the plan last week, there’s still a...
Inspired by skateboards, the swing seats are made of European oak.
Country: Chile Site: Easter Island, Orongo Caption: Visitor Center east side main access ramp and front door Image...
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