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Backyard Daydream

The house incorporates a variety of wood finishes, all in the same general color palette: unfinished ipe for the pool...
The Babat residence in Nashville is blessed with a big backyard; however, the blistering Tennessee sun once made it...
Fields of native grasses connect the main residence, situated at the top of the slope, to the new structures scattered...
The sloped roof of Carlton’s art studio grows a colorful mix of sedum species.
Delighted with the result, they requested additional structures, including a pool house with a dining area that opens...
“When I come home, this is like a sanctuary.
In fall, the color of this backyard in Charlottesville, Virginia, changes daily with the foliage.
To keep the project close to their $10,000 budget, the family looked for bargains whenever possible.
Mason and friends scramble around his soon-to-be tree house as Muriel swings.
Chong left enough space in the 16-foot-wide backyard for a garden and comfortable dining area.
A 2,500-square-foot backyard off a Portland home was completely overhauled by architect Michael Howells.
The backside of the lot was dug out to create a recessed garden for privacy.
Since Portland is at roughly the same latitude as Sapporo, Japan, Howells was inspired by minimalist Japanese gardens.
AIA architect David Hertz, known for 747 Wing House, looked to the structure of a butterfly wing when designing this...
Across the path is the resident's favorite spot from which to take in the aquatic tableau: a rock garden and sitting...