Collection by Diana Budds

Back in Black


Black is the color (or absence of color, rather) of choice for these twelve homes from San Francisco to Berlin to Tokyo and beyond.

The entrance to the living room includes a seating area where guests can remove their shoes.
Fujimori has an affinity for building structures that appear to be perched precariously: His charred cedar-clad Guest...
The striking black facade of Pieter Weijnen's new home is the result of the Japanese practice of charring wood.
A family in Hamburg, Germany, turned a kitschy turn-of-the-century villa into a high-design home with a few exterior...
David Baker's Edwardian is painted the same slightly sparkly micaceous iron-oxide paint as the Sydney Harbor Bridge;...
Juliet Gray, Mathias Kolehmainen, and their sons Cooper and Cyrus have a new favorite hangout: the wide back steps on...
The black facade of the Yatabes’ house may turn a darkly futuristic face to its suburban block, but behind it the house...
The Sunken House, so-named for its excavated site, is a dark, cedar-clad cube in a stuffy part of town.
“The clients asked for a ‘different-looking’ home,” says the architect.
The street-facing facade is relatively unchanged except for the new black paint and white accents.
Two Black Sheds incorporates all the conventional aspects of a weekend retreat in a rather unconventional way.
Architect Charlie Lazor opted for a wash of black on the prefab cabin he designed on Madeline Island, Wisconsin.

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