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The guiding concept for AXA QBO project is a perfect balance between space and technology, accessibility and sustainability. Based on these four axes a mixed use building was developed in which vegetation and water mirrors are the main protagonists of the external tours. In the interior the office space the work areas are open in all the hierarchical levels, with the intention of integrating the organizational structure and allow a more collaborative and plural work scheme. It was set up and prepared as Mexico City´s alternative office with a capacity of 500-750 employees. It is an environment in support of productivity, quality of life and health. An air conditioning Duo Cooling system was used; which generates energy savings without lowering the temperature too much and controlling the relative humidity, which together with LOW-E glasses and curtains that reduce the impact of direct light, give the visual comfort necessary to work. All areas have vegetation with the intention of extending inwardly the green spaces of the site.