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At Home With A Sneaker King


the always inspiring milk decoration recently featured the fabulous home of none other than the designer of my favorite sneaker — serge bensimon. if you’re not familiar with bensimon’s, they’re the trés chic casual french sneaker that come in an abundance of colors and often seen on all the fashionable people of paris (and in every city, for that matter). i’ve been sporting their sneakers forever, so it was most enjoyable to get a peek inside the designer’s paris home. his 19th century marais home is just as colorful as his shoe collection and did not disappoint. with the same, laid back, relaxed feeling his shoes evoke, his home has that je ne sais quoi that many european homes convey. drives me quite mad that they’re able to achieve such an impossibly cool and yet effortlessly stylish look with seemingly no trouble or toil at all, but regardless of my envy, i still like to admire.

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