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How to Prevent Getting Distracting From Studies?
1. Draft a perfect day schedule that must mention each and every task of the entire day so that you can prevent extra time consumption! Draft the entire schedule allotting specific time for each of the daily chaos and you are left with a good amount of time!

2. Allot a suitable place for studying which would not get influenced by the exterior disturbances. This place mustn’t be your room as several kinds of stuff in your room would distract you once in a while. Allot a quiet and well-lit place so that you could focus on your studies only!

3. Usage of electronic devices is growing fast, and it has got involved in our daily chaos! Mobile, tablets, computers, etc. are such gadgets that would distract you every minute. Turn off these gadgets once you have set your mind to study.

4. Prefer to use printed formats of study resources as using the gadgets are distracting! Use pen and paper for preparing your notes.

5. If there are no other resources for sourcing study materials other than the internet then you must strictly get fixed on the learning site only. Say a big no to social media, entertainment, gaming site or even email access!

6. You are going to be the employee as well as an employer, so you have to manage accordingly! There is no one to guide you for your studies as you are enough grownup! You must follow the strategy prepared by you with strictness.

7. Monitor your activities and highlight the remarks on the prepared schedule so that you could get the answer, whether you successfully followed the prepared schedule properly or not.

8. Be true to self!

Following these skillful methods, you can stop getting distracted while doing studies and get prepared for the exams!

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