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Artist Residence and Studio


A local artist and painter commissioned Bruce Roadcap Architecture to design a new expanded residence and studio for his art work in the Houston Heights. His art is nationally recognized and hangs in numerous homes and businesses across the country.

A narrow lot on 'The Boulevard' in the Historic Houston Heights provides the 'canvas' on which the new facility would be constructed. The existing 1930's bungalow in front was to be saved and a new long addition attached, running full length on the North edge of the property. This would allow the main approach up a long ramp on the South side bypassing the bungalow through an open courtyard. A middle section of the South facade has been sliced away from the existing mass and the walls glazed and clad with galvanized sheet metal. Large glazed openings in this niche allow views across opposing gallery spaces and a connection with people moving along the ramp outside.

The main entry lies at the center transition point between the old and new structures directly in front of three large trees which shade the courtyard and filter natural light through the glazed facade into the gallery and studio spaces. A low 'collectors' wall and water feature surround the large trees and terminate the approach at this entry point. A large solid wall at the end of the courtyard provides an easel for art banners visible from the street and draws patrons back to the main display gallery. The rear property line is utilized for covered parking with alley access and the artists residence above.

The roof lines follow the original house and horizontal lap siding of a different size and proportion tie the old and new structures together. Rafter tails are exposed and new attic vents in the end gables finger into the siding and acknowledge the old attic vents in front. Rafters and wood frame are exposed and naturally finished in the interior studio and gallery spaces.