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Art. Fish. Poetry.


Santiago, Chile, is Neruda-land, an unsung city with hidden cultural and gastronomic surprises. Long ago, someone described it to me as the 'cleanest European city they had ever visited', which sounds boring but Santiago isn't. There are no Pre-Incan ruins here, nor an abundance of Spanish conquistador relics. No, it doesn't have the edgy, electric buzz of Buenos Aires or Rio de Janeiro. Santiago is just a happy melting pot of old and new, tradition and progress, art and food, that needs some effort to be discovered.

This is where I meet up with Cat Allen of Foto Ruta Santiago.
This final street art is a pixelated portrait using tiny tiles (created by Pixel Art) - very hard to decipher with the...
Cat gets us a prized table at an upstairs restaurant with a view of the Mercado.
If you go, check out the art in the streets of Dardignac, Bombero Nuñez, Pio Nono and Purisima.
Old-fashioned scales ...
I'm staying at The Aubrey, a two minute walk from La Chascona.
Colorful, intricate, thought-provoking, and a clever mix of hip hop and political slant.
Art. Fish. Poetry. Santiago, Chile.
The techniques are traditional Chilean but the presentation is pure drama.
Some by established painters, others by anonymous artists working in the night.
My one-day-stopover is dedicated to Neruda-esque pursuits - checking out the street art, of course.
Santiago is Neruda-land, an unsung city with hidden cultural and gastronomic surprises.
Shuttered storefronts are now opening for lunch and early cocktails, vintage chairs and tables are beginning to appear...
“I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul.” -Pablo...
.. ... and curious-looking sea creatures.
The street art in Bellavista and neighboring Recoleta is, in a word, impressive.
My favorite - a dessert called White Strawberries + Snow.
We’re close enough now for a late lunch at the quintessential and recently renovated, wrought-iron Art Nouveau-styled...
At Mercado Central Santiago, I find happy vendors and quirky tip jars ..
I end the day at Boragó - considered by many as one of the best restaurants in Latin America.