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67+ Art Ideas For A Modern Home


When considering a home for the magazine, sometimes art can detract from a project but most times it really makes it come life in a wonderful and personal way.

ARCHITECTUREFIRM used rough-sawn cedar paneling throughout, cladding the exterior with blackened pieces, and...
Lisa La Pointe artwork “Magi” brings life to the restful dark “Half Masala” Resene paint.
The bedroom is tucked in the back of the residence and doesn’t receive a lot of natural light.
O’Sullivan’s blown-glass pendant lights make another appearance in the living area, where a kauri-plywood wall...
Another view of the master bedroom shows more original artwork by the New Design Project.
“[W]e didn’t need a huge space for our clients to live in harmony, it just needed to be a well thought out space,” says...
“There’s no right answer except to play and experiment,” Adler says about furnishing the interior.
Reproduced in a serigraph, Homage to Tennessee will make a striking statement in your home.
Bakelite Robot (2002) is a robotic sculpture made of stacked, vintage Bakelite radios inlaid with television screens.
The loft is full of pieces by Dine’s father, pop and neo-expressionist artist Jim Dine.
See for...
A CNC-milled map of San Francisco by artist Dave Marcoulier hangs behind a communal table.
In a corner of the living room, a large work by Martin Mull and a pair of paintings by John Meyer join Moroso...
In the main living area, Olsen’s own artwork picks up on the graphic diversity of the magazines housed in Boox shelving...
In the stairwell hangs a series of 1999 Vik Muniz works that resemble Andy Warhol’s iconic portraits of Jacqueline...
Baird relaxes in the bright living room, which is decorated spartanly with the architect’s own artwork, a couch, and a...
"The big pieces are a result of metal knowledge and physical forces; they can be any size, on up and up...They too are...
In the library, Douglas Coupland’s Spectra sculpture sits next to a century-old helmet mask from Burkina Faso.
The house features several courtyards, conveying an ever-present sense of indoor-outdoor living.
While Aumas designed the gilded table, Warren Platner gets credit for the vintage lounge chair for Knoll.
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