Collection by Jose Manuel Escalera

Arquitectura y naturaleza


Relación entorno arquitectura

Though their unit was gutted, Peart and Weisgerber were highly attentive to the remaining details of Safdie’s design.
After raising the rear patio to the level of the kitchen, the team reused the original redwood decking and supplemented...
The Fish Camp acts as the couple’s forest getaway, just a quarter mile from their main house.
The three structures that make up the James-Robertson residence are framed in black-coated aluminum and steel.
A section of the facade—a cross between a shoji screen and a barn door—slides open.
Delighted with the result, they requested additional structures, including a pool house with a dining area that opens...
At one end of the space, which is topped by a barrel ceiling, a hammock offers a tantalizingly cozy place to nap.
Once through the street-level entrance, the property's modern garage door comes into view.
Unplug and Blend in at the Vivood Landscape Hotel
What’s probably the worst thing about traveling? In my opinion, it’s being on vacation without feeling like you’re on vacation.
Taking it to the Desert With Dwell Home Tours
After a successful kick-off program in San Diego, we’re now making our way to Scottsdale, Arizona for the second stop on our...
Inside the home, each volume tonally matches its exterior.

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