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Around the House

A section of the facade—a cross between a shoji screen and a barn door—slides open.
Permeable hardscaping retains moisture and helps reduce the need for watering.
The Snyders’ sanctuary thrives on this balance of nature, according to Peet: “You can hear the river, but not see it,...
A Desert Prefab Hits the Jackpot in Sin City
An art-filled retreat fits right into the landscape.
Landscape Architect Bernard Trainor
We're thrilled to welcome Bernard Trainor to Dwell on Design this year.
Another water-saving project in Menlo Park includes a rock bed with succulents.
In another section of the yard, Cooper added varying-sized circular cement stepping stones, which lead toward an...
Native grasses spill forth from the green roof toward a stairway leading to the main level.
For the landscape design, Burnette sought to maintain the property’s natural vegetation and rocky ground surface.
Shillim Retreat, Maharashtra, India, 2012. Landscape design: Margie Ruddick.
Southwest: Steve Martino...
An Artist Builds a Wooden Home That Lets Nature Be the Boss
In coastal New England, an artist turns a wooded property into a haven for creating and living.
Southwest: Steve...
For a Jones house nearby, Buckner took on the restoration, while landscape designer Jay Griffith honored the...
Pavers and succulents in a yard in Malibu, California, help save water.