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Arkansas Honors Fay Jones


I recently got a box of postcards comemorating the work of Arkansas architect Fay Jones and they were so wonderful that I wanted to put a few images of Jones' work online. Jones' contribution to the modern landscape of his home state was significant. He was a student at the University of Arkansas as an undergraduate and through his training in architecture school, eventually becoming a teacher there and the school's first dean of architecture. In addition to his involvement with architecture education in Arkansas, Jones built a number of lovely residences around the state. He passed away in 2004.

In gratitude, the University of Arkansas School of Architecture was renamed the Fay Jones School of Architecture thanks to a gift from Don and Ellen Edmondson, for whom Jones built a home. So here's to an underappreciated mid-century master, and surely the finest the Natural State has produced. Click on the Slideshow button to see a selection of Jones' work.

Fay Jones' stunning Pinecote Pavilion is party of the Crosby Arboretum in Picayune, Mississippi.
Fay Jones in his office as a young man. Photo courtesy of the Fay Jones Collection, University of Arkansas.
This is a sketch of Jone's Richardson House in Photo courtesy of the Fay Jones Collection, University of Arkansas.
The sculptural, exposed timber lines of Jones' Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas were completed in 1980.
Rich red bricks and vertical lines define the exterior of Jone's Wilkinson/Lechtenburger residence first built as a...
The interior of the Buckley Residence shows Jones' signature love of wooden vaults, and his ability to make even...
This home for Sam and Sharon Pallone was one of several Jones designed on the water.
This sketch from 1959 is a perspective of a Fayetteville residence Jones did for William and Marion Orton.
Jones welcomed Frank Lloyd Wright to the Fayetteville, Arkansas, in 1958.
This photo shows Jones and his family lounging on the terrace of their home circa 1956.
Jonse's 1966 sketch of the Underwood Building in Fayetteville, Arkansas; his office was located on the top floor.
The Cooper Chapel in Bella Vista, Arkansas, is another of Jones' religious buildings. Photo by Russell Cothren.
The interior of the Cooper Chapel seems to marry the grandeur of a cathedral vault with the open, modern sensibility...