Collection by Aaron Britt

Arik Levy at Design Miami


Amidst the Design Miami tumult, in which many are wandering about on insect-like stilettos, I had a chance to sit down with designer Arik Levy. At the little café at the far end of architects Aranda\Lasch’s temporary structure, Levy and I had a chat about his new collaboration with the bank HSBC, were interrupted by a grinning, wisecracking Tom Dixon—who thought it was good fun to keep referring to me as a “motor journalist”—and got to the bottom of what the Israeli designer wants for Chanukah.

The HSBC Private Bank Designers lounge designed by Greg Lynn and featuring the sculpture / installation work of Arik...
Paspalum grass photographed at the Miami Beach Golf Club on November 18, 2009 in Miami Beach, FL, USA.