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Architecture Spotlight #87 | Courtyard Contemporary by Affiniti Architects | Ft. Lauderdale, FL


Sometimes in architecture, an all-star team comes together to create something that absolutely stands above the rest. Affiniti Architects & Marc Thee hold nothing back with their latest creation, "Courtyard Contemporary". Sitting on one of the most sought out pieces of property in Palm Beach, this home overlooks the ocean and takes it's inspiration from the elements. This blend of modern architecture & contemporary design create a unique space that touches on the most important features of each style. While the space is open and democratic in it's layout by Affiniti Architects, the interiors are warm & cozy as it incorporates natural materials that are the signature style of Marc Thee. With luxury and sophistication at the backbone of it's design, "Courtyard Contemporary" will stand out as one of the most incredible homes you have ever toured virtually.

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