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Architecture Spotlight #84 | Living Walls by TruVine Design | Delray Beach, FL


“Biophilia” means “The Love Of Life.” It is the instinctive bond between human beings and nature. This strong intuitive affiliation with nature has empirical evidence that our environment shapes our feelings and has a positive impact on us. The simplicity and sophistication of nature are the very essence which affect our psychological well-being. In this video, Jeff Allis of TruVine design takes us through the process of creating living green walls following the concepts of Biophilic design. We look closely at some of his completed as well as ongoing projects in the South Florida area, including Chrome Hearts in the Miami Design District. "Plants, simply put, are positive energy...and who doesn't like positive energy," says Allis. Vertical gardening is ancient and new all at the same time, and we hope this films inspires others to "go vertical".
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