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Architecture Spotlight #58 | Residence at Kerry Park by West Highland Design | Seattle, WA

Take an in-depth look at the brand new "Residence at Kerry Park" in Seattle, Washington. After developing two other projects with mainstream interior design approaches, owner Ken Woolcott decided he wanted an “artist” for the interior build-out of his new residence across from Seattle’s iconic view location at Kerry Park on Queen Anne. Viewing the structure and shapes of the existing building, painter and interior designer Michael Sofie suggested that the flow of the exterior evoked Art Deco as a primary theme. “I love Art Deco” was Ken’s immediate reply, setting the stage for a dramatic exercise spanning several design periods. “Most true Art Deco homes of the time were remodeled from earlier periods such as Empire, and contained elements of later style periods such as Art Nouveau and Modern” explains Sofie. So this interior includes all of these periods to establish the authenticity of the home’s interior design. “When working with Art Deco it is extremely important to use the best materials and the best craftsmen to properly realize the design” says Sofie, “or you wind up with cheesy 80’s”. The bar had been set, and owner Ken Woolcott was up to the challenge. 3D modeling was used extensively by Sofie’s team at West Highland Design to enable a quick iterative process combining design with photo-quality computer renderings to give the owner a clear and precise picture of the finished spaces and details before investing in the actual construction. The results are a spectacular example of the true opulence and grace of the Deco period. “The results are truly amazing” says Woolcott, “given the complexity and detailing I don’t know how you would do it any other way”.

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