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Architecture Spotlight #53 | Artful Living by Shelly Preziosi | Vero Beach, FL


Art meets life in this Vero Beach home designed for a Manhattan and Hamptons turned Vero Beach Residents. The focus of the Interior design is the use of space and light to open up an art experience. Expansive space, high ceilings, use of an open floor plan and white walls as canvas allow the drama of the art to take center stage. In Coastal Living at Boca Raton, it’s about comfortable elegance. Fine furnishings in bright jewel tones and a multi use floor plan make for a timeless and relaxed space. My Interior Design theory is one I call the “The Theory of Relational Space.” It's all about the client connecting with their space, and Interior design being the conduit for that. Successful Interior design is really all about the person I’m designing for. It’s the philosophy of that person—how they live, how they use their space, what makes them happy, and what delights them when they walk through the door. As a designer, it’s my passion to connect the dots from the person to the space, so that in the end, they can say “You got me, I love my home."

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