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Architecture Spotlight #49 | Rural Oregon Craftsman Home by Patricia K. Emmons | Yamhill, Oregon


Set in the beautiful wine country south of Portland, this carefllly detailed custom home fulfills the clients' dreams. A couple devoted to the field medicine, wished to commit more of their energies to horticulture, cuisine and crafts. The house is sited to relate to their beautiful gardens and lovely view of the Willamette valley. Most spaces open to the outside. A culinary garden is steps away from a serious kitchen where much of what is grown is preserved and enjoyed. Both clients are interested in the arts. But now one of them has committed herself full-time to creating ceramics. The project's program called for as much display space for pottery as possible. In developing this goal, and to satisfy another requirement for lots of natural light and air, a linear Asian pattern emerged throughout the house. The overall result is a sense of a craftsman style to comfortably embrace its inhabitants and their crafts.

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