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Architecture Spotlight #35 | Litner Remodel by Totum / GoGreen | Sherman Oaks, CA


A glimpse into the "Litner Remodel" by Totem/GoGreen. The power of design/build collaboration lies in its integrating -- from a project’s very inception -- and then implementing design’s aesthetic conceptions with build’s most practical, efficient and, therefore, cost-effective solutions. Totum brings to this collaboration its wealth of experience in a wide variety of successful design projects, to which GoGreen contributes its expertise as a builder steeped in environmentally-sound building goals and practices with long-term energy and water savings. Totum is focused on 'design' to the fullest of its abilities: to visualize, to integrate, to delight, but most of all to maximize the potential of any given project. Go Green is focused on 'build' to the fullest of its abilities: to minimize the impact on the environment with energy-conscious building practices. Together, this maximizing and minimizing effect of their collaboration ensures that the clients maximize the value of their build, both aesthetically and financially, while minimizing costs and environmental footprint. This holistic approach is made possible only through the thoughtful and managed approach allowed by design/build.

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