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In 2005, Danish company Architectmade launched with the goal of bringing to light products designed by architects. The company has since begun producing a handful of items from designers of the likes of Poul Kjærholm, Jørn Utzon, Finn Johl, and Hans Bølling, working with the artists, their families, or their foundations to secure the rights to issue or reissue the designs. Here we take a tour through Architectmade's collection.

The Optiminist and Pessimist are playful characters designed by architect Hans Bølling.
Architect Finn Juhl designed predominantly in the 1940s and 50s and created the TurningTray in 1956 to match the...
Jørn Utzon was most famous for designing the Sydney Opera House but also created a number of product designs.
The Duck and Ducklings are another Hans Bølling design.
Jørgen Høj's Wooden Trays are made of wood from 100- to 150-year-old maple trees and dried and soap-treated to create a...
Poul Kjærholm originally designed this granite bowl as a 550-pound ashtray for the city hall in Fredericia, Denmark.
Peter Karpf's modular candleholder can be arranged in what seems like infinite combinations.
Kristian Vedel's Child's Chair accommodates a youngster as he or she grows with its adjustable seat heights.
Vedel also designed the Birds, a series of child, parent, and grandparents birds.

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