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Architect-Designed Chapels Create Modern-Day Places of Worship


Following Dwell's February 2015 story exploring how modern architects design chapels, synagogues, mosques, and other places for worship, we've rounded up a few more stellar examples of the genre.

AZL Architects designed a riverfront chapel in Nanjing that glows like a lantern thanks to a semi-transparent wood skin...
Via Inhabitat, the architects explained the reasoning behind the wooden skin, saying that, “the outer shell serves as a...
The Chapel of St. Lawrence by Avanto Architects, which opened in 2010, is set in a historic site in Vantaa, Finland.
The massing and materials are in response to existing surroundings, with use of rendered brickwork, natural stone,...
Tria Studio designed a farewell chapel on the grounds of a cemetery in Slovenia's Tuhinj Valley.
Cross laminated timber is used for the interior because of the area's rich woodworking tradition, a conscious material...
Clerestory windows, set into the brick facade with fins, rings the top of Níall McLaughlin Architects's chapel at Ripon...
A timber glulam structure forms trusswork beneath a lime plaster ceiling in the main nave of McLaughlin's chapel.
The circa-2011 Bøler church in Oslo, Norway, was designed by Hansen-Bjørndal Arkitekter AS with three main volumes: a...
Bøler Church's serene chapel, carved into the side of a hill, is lined in brick and accented with wood and glass.
Hiroshi Nakamura's Ribbon Chapel in Hiroshima orients two asymmetrical winding pathways that connect at a rooftop apex.
The curling "ribbons," intersected by glass cathedral walls, rise to a central oculus for a sublime effect.

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