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This project contains from two separate units and it is located in centrum of city named Piestany, mostly known for thier famous Spa. We choose one of them, wich is our favorite one.

Apartments are basically designed as units for rent, with the intention to emphasize "old spirit" of the whole building and transform it to contemporary space. We uncovered old concrete ceilings and combine them with new decorative tiles, wich are really important in overall look. One of the most significant part of the apartment is new kitchen unit, whole in black color, combine with red refrigerator and blue wall clok as a accents and counterpoints.

Meny of furniture elements are old antiques designd by famouse designers from the times of former Czechoslovak Republik (excellently restored or well preserved - Nanovo, Novoretro) combined with new not very expensive sort of furniture (IKEA, Roomfactory).