Program: Mixed uses
Status: On going.

Architectural project: Dellekamp Arquitectos | Derek Dellekamp & Jachen Schleich

Project leader: Jachen Schleich.

Team: Geoffroy Arnoux, Marco Antonio Jaime, Alice Seban, Rafael Medrano, Gustavo Hernández, Antoine Vaxelaire, Marina Ruffin.

Is a mixed uses building, located in Colonia Polanco, Mexico City. On the ground floor are the commercial areas and mezzanine, the next three levels are offices and on the roof are the terrace.

Placed in a plot of 904.80m2, where is a cataloged house by the INBA with more than 69 years of antiquity, our construction respect completely that house. It is a project that does not compete with the architecture of this old house.

The challenge was focused on having the maximum profitable surface, respecting the guidelines of the delegation; procure a free ground floor and preserve the lightness of the building, connecting the exterior and interior of the ground floor with the stackable glass doors.

Wood is the material that predominates in the building, both the structure, except for the V-column that generates free plant in the trade, as slabs and columns are made of laminated wood.