Collection by Kelsey Keith

An Industrial Loft Fit for a Globetrotting Architect


Julien De Smedt carves out a space to call his own in a converted industrial loft building in Brussels.

Kitchen ConfidentialFour years into his tenure at a former metal factory, revamped a decade ago by the architects BOB...
The living room includes a “plain old” beanbag, an Other One armchair by Leif Jørgensen for Hay, with a pillow by...
Concrete Thinking“My apartment in Brussels is the most architect-like, with its concrete feel,” De Smedt says of his...
Dinner on Wheels“As you can see in my own architecture, the indoors and outdoors are very connected.
Indoor Sunbathing“In the morning, the eastern light comes into the small terrace by the kitchen,” De Smedt says.