Collection by Sarah Akkoush

An Indoor-Outdoor House in Mexico Curves Around a Giant Tree


Lines are blurred between the indoors and outdoors in this modern retreat built around a 100-year-old tree.

When conceptualizing a modern and functional residence for their clients in Mérida, Mexico, local firm Taller Estilo Arquitectura imagined a home that would connect so intimately with the environment that it would become a part of it. It was immediately clear that the residents, a young couple, would need to overhaul the existing home on the property to make it functional and relevant to their lifestyle. Above all, the couple requested a dynamic home, open to regional, climatic, and cultural elements. Taller Estilo Arquitectura embraced these requests, creating a series of interconnected indoor-outdoor spaces that encourage dialogue with nature.

Handcrafted green cement tile floors are used in the kitchen and in many living spaces in the home.
Eye-catching patterned tile offers a bold focal point in the living room.
The dining room enjoys practical proximity to the kitchen, and direct access to the outdoors.
“Every space of the house has a close relationship with the exterior, which creates the sensation of living outdoors...
Although the entire original structure of the house was preserved, an east-side addition adds space and is a distinctly...
In the upper floor bathroom, streamlined materials highlight the unique and irregular shape of the space.
The terrace deck, also part of modern addition, adds outdoor living space to the home’s upper floor.
The grand and stately tree is the unchallenged star of the backyard.
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