Collection by Jaime Gillin

An Idyllic Swedish Summerhouse


It's been a while since I've seen a project as desirable and jealousy-making as this one (and working at Dwell, that means a lot...!). This summer house, renovated by Jonas Labbé and Johannes Schotanus of LASC for a family in Skåne, Sweden, is to me the perfect example of how strong design, thoughtfully placed bursts of strong color, and honest natural treatment can elevate even the simplest forms and materials. Click through the slideshow for a peek into the loveliest summer retreat.

Set in the Swedish summer retreat area of Österlen, this conversion of an abandoned farmhouse re-thinks and plays on...
The result is an unpretentious summer house that "brings the focus of luxury back to being about experience and...
The most rigorous intervention was the internal opening-up of the house by removing two-thirds of the walls and...
View from the living room. The space was opened up by inserting large window openings with hidden frames.
Another view of the living room, with the storage bump-out overhead.
The ground-floor library offers a view through the house to the surrounding landscape, through old windows with hidden...
The library contains an extended windowsill that functions as a small desk.
Colored tiles in the shower are revealed behind a cedar wood wall.
The original washing house connected to the main house was in such bad shape that it had to be demolished.
The two-sided stove is installed in the heart of the house, elevated slightly to bring the fire closer to eye-level.
The kitchen area is characterized by a concrete countertop that was poured on site.
The upstairs lounge also functions as passageway to the small guest room.
View from the upstairs bedroom. "In this simple farmhouse, ‘fine’ materials would have been alien," say the architects.