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An Eco-Friendly Compact Cabin in Washington


On Puget Sound, activist and filmmaker Anna Hoover collaborated with Les Eerkes, a principal at Olson Kundig Architects, on a 693-square-foot studio in the woods. Using freecycled materials and a six-footed foundation to rein in construction costs, Hoover and Eerkes created a distinctive structure that treads lightly on the land.

Anna Hoover, founder of the non-profit First Light Alaska, sought a "thought refuge, a room with a view to sit and...
With a construction budget of less than $200 per square foot, architect Les Eerkes (with the mentorship of Tom Kunding)...
The house features materials, cabinetry, and plants salvaged from homes slated to be demolished.
The cantilevered sleeping loft posed a structural challenge.
The kitchen and living area occupies the ground level of the double-height interior while a sleeping loft is above.
Hoover's favorite aspect of the house is its calm mood and "the quietude and solace I experience while inside," she...
Cost-effective hot-rolled steel—steel being an Olson Kunding signature—covers the treads on the staircase leading to...
In the sleeping loft, floor-to-ceiling windows overlook the fir canopy of the surrounding forest.
A door next to the bed drops down, opening the room to its surroundings.
Eerkes conceptual sketch shows how the house harnesses light and views.
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