Collection by Megan Hamaker

American Craft Council's Make Room: Modern Design Meets Craft in San Francisco


This year's American Craft Council show at San Francisco's Fort Mason Center had a special component. To celebrate the 2013 show season, regional interior designers, architects, and stylists were invited to create room settings inspired by a piece of fine craft made by one of the show artists.

We arrived on Sunday to check out the show and were especially excited to see what the designers would come up with for their rooms. Here, we take you through a few of the rooms inspired by a craft peice as well some notable booth displays of furniture and design that caught our eyes.

Our first stop was to designer Steven Miller's room with design firm The New Black (NWBLK) whose inspiration came from...
Next we visited designer Lisa Bakamis's room inspired by Eric Freyer's Hand-Carved Chair.
Here is another angle of Lisa Bakamis's room setting.
Designer Nicole Socia put together this room based on the ceramic vase and wall installation of Monica Rudquist.
Here is a closer look at Monica Rudquist's Wall...
Designer Nicole Hollis was inspired by Litith Rockett's pendant light and bowls.
These ceramic vases and bowl by Gerald Arrington were the inspiration for Melina Raissnia's room featuring a felt rug...
We really loved these little triangle wall decorations in Melina Raissnia's space, though sadly their was source was...
One of the notable booth displays was the porcelain work of artist Jennifer McCurdy.
We also particulary enjoyed the work of Scott McGlasson, WoodSport.
Artist John Liston of JListonDesign makes furniture, jewelry, lighting, and art objects.