Collection by Aaron Britt

Amazing Modern Houses by Paul Archer


We're big fans of British architect Paul Archer, so much so that we ran a story on the incredible Green Orchard house he designed for his parents in our June 2013 issue. Naturally we were thrilled when Paul Archer Design put out the book Old to New: Houses by Paul Archer Design by Archer and Phyllis Richardson this spring. Here's a look at some of his other work with particular attention paid to his conversions of old British building types into sleek modern homes.

Gracing the cover of the book is the Hunt house, a Regency townhouse Archer modified with a glass cube out the back.
The Austin house in London offers a bit of shade to the residents via a perforated steel canopy.
The Black house in Hertfordshire was an 80's cul-de-sac house in which Archer aimed to add more living space while...
The trick with the Dick/Ellery house was opening the back while retaining the Victorian structure.
The Jindal Pavilion was built behind an Edwardian house in Barnes, London.
The Langermann house in Wimbledon has a black box addition to a 1960s bungalow.
The Wadham house is in Bristol, England and boasts a reflective aluminum facade.